Welcome, Rangers!

Thank you for everything you do first and foremost. There will be many things we try together as a team and see if they work for you. Just like the customer calling you on the phones, you are my customers. My job is to make sure you have what you need to be successful. These words are easily spoken, but let me tell you how I will prove it to you.

I will give out poker chips every morning. These will be your ranger coins and how you can redeem rewards that you want to work towards. Only one chip will expire at the end of every month and its for the award winners.

My goal is to have everyone on the team be able to go to the MVP luncheon that the area managers and site director invite you to. The criteria will be the base for the reward system.

$1 Chips

Good VOC survey

2 aal gross

2 bb gross

$50 Chips

Most Improved in Center

Top 5 Area

$5 Chips

2 tv gross

1 aal posted

Special Chips

Rangers Unite

Team Award


$10 Chips

1 bb posted

1 tv posted

$20 Chips

Monthly VOC 85%

Monthly 1&Done 64%

MVP Luncheon

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