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Experience how to stay positive in some of the worst situations

Meet Kahea

Growing up I knew I wanted to be different. The way I treat people and the way I react to people; all more empathetic.

Because of this mentality, I've taken a different approach to building myself and my brand. There have been many questions that I've asked myself in regards to what could've gone better and what worked. Taking all the experiences I have taken the time to invest in myself and my future.

I've earned an associates of science degree with healthcare administration because I enjoy helping people. As a single mom, there is a way I hold myself accountable. I want others to treat me the way I want to be treated. The level of respect where I can be given the information and allowed to make my own decision.

After joining with AT&T in 2018, I found a new passion. I help the position of a customer service and sales representative. The job did give me difficulties, but with the wonderful leadership of several people, I developed into a consistent and top performer on my teams.

One concept I took as a rep was running my own contests and taking a few people under my wing each month. I wanted to give them the confidence that I noticed without seeing it themselves. Some contests were fantastic and others didn't work as well. However, I didn't have to do it and because of that, the receptiveness of the team was better.

My goal was to drive the team, while holding myself accountable and incorporating a better and more positive morale for us. They knew that I wasn't getting paid off of their performance. I was their equal. I wanted everyone on my team to see themselves as top performers the same way I saw them. Their capabilities are endless.

However, when I'm not in the office, I still spread the AT&T joys and connect with the community. I spend time volunteering at the local schools and taking time to develop young readers. Besides giving back to the young and upcoming generation, I enjoy settling down with a good book and a movie.


Director of Talking Business

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