• Kahea

Being Grateful

I am grateful for every opportunity that I have been given and those I've optimized on. I've met great people and some have even turned into friendships.

The important lessons will keep coming but this is your chance to see them from my perspective. Times are trying with everything happening with COVID-19 and I couldn't imagine making it through without my work family. We've become so close to each other that we support each other both professionally and personally.

My leadership team all deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Feel free to check out that page and to learn from the leaders I admire. My leaders know that my first priority is to always be a parent to my children.

I have two daughters and everything I do revolves around how it will effect them. Being away from them every day is pretty hard. However, with the opportunity to work from home, I get to spend more time with them. Lately, we've been doing puzzles during my breaks and lunches.

Now, on this day, I am going to binge watch the star wars movies with my daughters.

May the 4th be with you!

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