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Eggs in One Basket?

Good morning beautiful people! Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to read my blog post!

Everyone has their main source of income, whatever it might be. Do you have a side hustle or a side income? This will help if one income is based on the answers of others. This allows you to reach a further clientele and meet people you wouldn't have met before this.

I am doing the same thing with AT&T. My primary source of income that is consistent, reliable and provides my family for what it needs. The side hustles that I have going on are products that I would've already used anyways, but now I get some return on my investments.

The first one I want to go over with you is my Scentsy business, SharkScents. Without finding another family in Scentsy as a consultant, I'd be a little more lonely. Making my home smell fresh and clean is something that I enjoy. The smells remind me of people, or vacations, or happy thoughts. This is what I need mentality to keep myself going.

Farmasi and my BeautyShark business gives me a physical display of confidence. I know that my confidence comes from within at the end of the day, but having a physical manifestation of that is something I can point at. Something physical to hold makes things seem more real. Doesn't matter if they were real before the manifestation or not, but this helps.

I'd still have a cell phone and cable even if I didn't work for AT&T. I'd still use wax and warmers and diffusers and oils through Scentsy. I'd still use cosmetics from wherever I could get them. You've seen it before. You know the feeling of making money and progress, but until you see the check hit your account, or the project completed, you are left with a slight sense of wondering.

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