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A mentor program that was developed in our call center. This was a fantastic opportunity for me. There were many things that I went into the program thinking and the results are drastic for me. Let me do an after action report on this program.

M- mentor: My mentor is still a valuable resource. If I have an idea and not completely sure how I should approach a situation or how it could be seen from an outside perspective, she gives me an opinion and feedback.

O- opportunity: I have met and connected with people who I wouldn't have known. The opportunity to use my mentor as a professional reference when I apply for higher positions, was another opportunity that this experience gave me.

V- value: The biggest value that I gained through this program was my confidence. Before the program, I knew deep down that I could handle what was thrown at me. After the program though, everyone knew it too and I was gaining the confidence to carry myself with.

E- experience: This experience was different for me. It was on a more personal level. The way my confidence know projects through how I carry myself has been the biggest difference. Without this experience, I wouldn't hve been able to get my name and face in front of those leaders that I admire. I wouldn't have known what I portray towards the others in the center without it.

This opportunity was fantastic. I think that anyone who is willing to invest time and effort into their career advancement should do this program if its available to them.

If its not, feel free to reach out and we will see what we can do. Reach out to your leadership team, maybe they have something similar with a different name.

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