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At&t has many opportunities that promote themselves. It's a matter of being on the lookout for them. It's about your exposure. It feels incredible when someone sees an opportunity and thinks of you.

A few opportunities that I've found myself have been when I hear about them through others. People know that I want to grow and develop within the business. They know that I'm willing to put the time and effort into whatever I do. When they see a program that maybe I don't have direct connections for they will reach out on my behalf and that feels good to me.

I've taken advantage of some of them. I've watched my leadership team and those leaders I admire take the different courses. Sometimes, it doesn't seem to help at first, but it gets your name out there. There are benefits to reap, but the seeds have to be sown first.

I had to learn this the hard way myself. Even though I knew just because I did these courses, I wasn't promised a promotion. However, it gave me the tools I would need to get one. It would also help me carry myself in a way where people within different departments would know my name before they even met me face-to-face.

Let this be a few words to the wise, get your name out there. It will help. Take advantage of the leadership team that wants to see you grow and blossom into a wonderful asset within the company.

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