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School is Here!

As a single mom, there are many things that are changing right now. Virtual learning, working from home, everything moving in different directions. I wanted to share my perspective and go through some updates in my life.

I've got my 4th grader and my 1st grader doing school online. They are pushing through it and being a massive help for me too. My day starts at 630 am when I make my kids breakfast. We finish up any schoolwork needed by 8. Then they start their day. I work with them until I have to go to work.

The mom in me makes things very difficult while I'm at work and they come to me asking for help because their class isn't loading or something like that. I want to be able to help them have the foundations for success. Since I don't get off work until after they go to bed, I go through and make sure everything is submitted, just in case they forgot anything.

Being a mom, well, it's sort of like being a superhero. It's having to make sacrifices so that they won't have to know the hard times of adulthood. I'm not saying lie to them, but you are supposed to be their shield. I will shield them from the world of hurt as best as I can. They will know that no matter, right or wrong, I will have their back. One way or another, I will help give them the tools to success. They are my tricks to everything I succeed at.

Without them, I wouldn't have my drive. Seeing them adapt to the ever-changing world makes me know that I can make my world change, just by how I look at it. After all of this, I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

If you wouldn't mind, take a second and comment what is positive in your life today.

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